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Searching for new opportunities in AI training?

Partner with us to spread the knowledge required to develop more accurate and more reliable AI systems.


KSTQB has been the official Korean Certification Board for ISTQB since 2005 and are continuously looking for partners to spread knowledge for safer and more reliable software.

We provide top quality course material for ISTQB Certified Tester AI Testing, ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level, ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level (Test Manager, Test Analyst, and Technical Test Analyst), Model-Based Tester, and many more.

We also provide exam questions for various modules at competitive conditions. 

ISTQB AI Testing (CT-AI) Release History

At the end of 2019, the Korean government announced the 'AI National Strategy' with a national vision of 'From an IT powerhouse to an AI powerhouse: AI for Everyone, AI of Everything'. Around the same time, KSTQB attended the ISTQB General Assembly held in India and proposed to adopt the 'KSTQB & CSTQB AI Testing' syllabus, which was produced with CSTQB of China, as the ISTQB AI Testing international syllabus.

As a starting point, a TF team representing various countries including Korea, China, India, Germany, UK, Spain, and Canada was formed to work on the ISTQB AI Testing syllabus (CT-AI). The current ISTQB CT-AI syllabus has launched by combining three different AI testing certification schemes that were in progress at the time reflecting the rapidly changing global AI trends.

In Korea, STA Consulting and KSTQB were the main pillars, and Dr. Stuart Reid (Testing Professional) who is the CTO of STA Consulting, took the leading role of the TF team.

Dr. Stuart Reid is the convener of ISO working group 26 which develops standards for software testing (ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119).

5 Reasons why you should choose KSTQB's CT-AI training & Exam

  1. Proven quality of the course materials:
    STA Consulting together with KSTQB (Korean Board) and CSTQB (Chinese Board) have been running AI Testing training courses and exams since 2019. More than 100 training courses and exams have already been conducted over the past two years, giving us full confidence in the quality of the training course material and exam questions that can only come from experience, know-how and accumulated data.

  2. Main author’s contribution to CT-AI:
    A number of our members were involved in writing the syllabus and also contributed to the development of the ISTQB AI Testing certification as part of the task force. In particular, one of the main authors is also currently leading the development of international standards on AI Testing at ISO. Questions submitted by KSTQB members, in accordance with the question writing criteria, are used for our exams after a number of panels have completed essential reviews, such as for accuracy of content, alignment with the syllabus and grammar.

  3. Detailed and professional materials:
    The training materials has been continuously updated and improved over the last two and half years. In particular, the training course has been expanded to incorporate more hands-on training exercises, with approximately 40% of the course now based on exercises. Our course includes 17 practical exercises utilizing various tools (e.g. Weka, MS Excel, ExplicClas, Pairwiser, Google’s Teachable Machine and TensorFlow Playground) to help student better understand AIT.
    Meanwhile, we have maintained our position that attendees should not be required to perform programming as part of the course. A separate Exercise Guide is also provided which details all information required to follow the exercises within the course. We guarantee that the materials are easy-to-understand, fully documented and professionally designed.

  4. Continuous updates and ongoing support:
    Because our CT-AI training materials are not only made available for licensing but are also used for our own exam events and training courses, any required updates, such as to maintain alignment with syllabus changes, will be carried out promptly and swiftly delivered to all organizations licensing our materials.

  5. Lower cost with higher quality:
    KSTQB wants as many people as possible to be involved in ISTQB certification and to utilize the high-quality materials that we have developed. Therefor we offer them at a competitive rate with confidence.

Sample Slides for CT-AI Training Course

[All training slides include lecture notes for instructors.]
[Includes 17 practical exercises utilizing various tools (e.g.  Weka, MS Excel, ExplicClas, Pairwiser,
Google’s Teachable Machine and TensorFlow Playground) to help student better understand AIT.]
[A separate 112 page Exercise guide for all exercises within the course is provided]

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